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About Us

Our Beginnings

The first Kalamela was conducted in 2003, aiming to create a platform for competitions in various arts disciplines for children and youngsters of Indians living in Switzerland. We were overwhelmed by the great success that we achieved in our very first attempt. From the sincere appreciation and encouragements poured in from various corners of the society, Keli conceived the idea of bringing the Pravasi Indian Youths together from all over the world at a festival and make it an international extravaganza.

The first International Kalamela was held in 2004 in Zürich, Switzerland. It ended up as the pioneer Pravasi Indian Youth Festival in Switzerland. The event was a great success and acclaimed by one and all. By organizing the 1st International Kalamela with more than 150 participants from various countries, we experienced the Kalamela as a unifying bond to promote international understanding among the Pravasi Indians. The second International Kalamela in 2005 proved to be even greater in many aspects. Inspired by the experiences from the first two events, the third International Kalamela was expanded with adding more disciplines, attracting more participants from neighbouring European countries, as well as from the Gulf countries. Since then this event is surprising us positively in all respects that prompted us to take this event to our homeland Kerala by organizing the first Pravasimela at the Renewal Centre in Kochi in 2009. This enabled the Pravasi artists to contest against their talented counterparts back home and test their standards.

With Hard Work And Effort

Year on year, Keli is setting many trends in organising state-of-the-art events using innovative concepts, systems and technologies. Already since 2007, Keli has computerised its registration, charting, and valuation systems and doesn’t hesitate to take any steps towards convenience and perfection. About two hundred volunteers work for the smooth functioning of the event and the participants experience not only our professionalism in organisation, but also our utmost hospitality by offering food and accommodation for our international participants as well as a good variety of delicious Indian dishes throughout the two event days.

Breaking Barriers

After the scintillating successes of previous years, preparations are underway to organize yet another Mega Mela on 30th and 31st of Mai 2020 for our young artists hailing not only from Pravasi backgrounds, but also for anyone who has learned the rich art forms India has to offer.In its pursuit towards universality, Keli is lifting the pravasi barriers in all the age group, for any versatile artists, who may qualify to compete in this prestigious event. This event will mark the 16th Anniversary of the Keli International Kalamela, the Pioneer Festival of Indian Arts, outside India. Keli International Kalamela brings together and presents the best young performers of Indian arts from around the world. It is a unique multi-arts event and has attained reputation for attracting many of the finest young performers. We join hands to encourage our children to participate, to experience and to master the various forms of arts, which we have nurtured in our culture.

We are extremely proud to have initiated this noble event providing unique opportunities for our younger generations and feel lots of fulfilment when the coveted GARSHOM AWARD 2009 for the best Pravasi Organization in the World was announced to be for Keli Switzerland. Keli International Kalamela has definitely contributed amongst various other activities of ours in winning this prestigious award.